5 raisons d’utiliser des protèges-bretelles avec ton porte-bébé

5 reasons to use sling protectors with your baby carrier


If there is one important accessory when purchasing a baby carrier, it is the strap protectors! 

It is really not uncommon to see mothers, on their first experience of purchasing a baby carrier, purchasing sling protectors after a few weeks. 

We offer you 5 good reasons to use shoulder strap protectors.

  1. If your baby spits up every 5 minutes, the towel is not always on the shoulder in time. How many times have you had a nice little chip on your shoulder in the last week? You will agree with us that it is a lot less complicated to wash sling protectors than an entire baby carrier! 🤢
    I would even say that it is not a luxury to have another pair for traveling! 

  1. Is your baby the rodent type? 🦫 Does he love the delicate taste of the straps of your Gustine baby carrier? Although Gustine baby carriers are made from 100% non-harmful and natural dyes, it is still frustrating to see a wonderful baby carrier get ruined day after day. To avoid saying bad words when you realize that your rodent has struck again, Gustine sling protectors are essential!

  1. We protect them, we pamper them, we keep germs away from them and yet… another cold… and another… and another! How to protect your clothes and baby carrier against this scourge? Suspender guards are the ideal solution in this situation. In addition, your baby will be able to blow his or her nose easily... 😉 In addition, it will significantly reduce the frequency of washing your Gustine!

  1. Do you want a stunning look? Do you want to be unique? With the strap protectors, you can personalize your baby carrier according to your tastes and fancies! If, for example, your baby carrier is black or gray, you can order strap protectors in Raspberry Linen or the opposite! 😍 In addition, each pair of strap protectors gives you a new style. Suspender protectors are a fashion accessory!

  1. A clean baby carrier, accompanied by strap protectors, generally has a better resale value in babywearing groups! Buyers intuitively know that the owner of a baby carrier using sling guards takes more care of their things. In their mind, the carrier will be in excellent condition. Besides, did you know that Gustine baby carriers are frequently resold for more than 70% of their purchase price? Buying sling guards provides undeniable practical benefits, but it is also a good investment! 👌

We stock a variety of sling guard designs that are not shown on our website. If the models offered on the site do not suit you, contact us. Together we will find the strap protectors that best suit your model!

Happy carrying!

Summary of 5 reasons to use sling protectors with your baby carrier

  1. They protect against regurgitation
  2. They protect your little rodent's straps
  3. They are super practical during colds
  4. They are fashion accessories
  5. They protect your investment

As you can see, the shoulder strap protectors for baby carrier are practical accessories for everyday life.



Natalia Meija

 Natalia Mejia is the owner and manager of Gustine baby carriers Inc. and Couture Porte-Bonheur Inc.

In addition to a diploma as a fashion designer - textile designer, she studied Human Resources Management and work methodology.

Natalia is very close to her customers and attaches great importance to the quality and safety of her baby carriers.

In order to make the best possible baby carriers for both the wearer and the baby, she obtains information and consults specialists. Their goal is to make the best baby carriers available.


Cassandre Mercier-Mathurin has a degree in fashion marketing. She works in marketing at Gustine.

Cassandre enjoys helping others, both clients and colleagues. Responding to customer needs and satisfying them are great sources of motivation. Efficiency, resourcefulness, initiative, creativity, team spirit are words that describe her well.

The field of purchasing, sales, marketing and content creation are her favorites in the fashion world. Always on the lookout for new trends, she is interested in anything that could improve the happiness of babies.


Do you know of any other good reasons to use sling guards that should have been named?

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