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How does a baby carrier help a child's social skills?

The baby carrier is a great tool for developing the child's social skills. Come discover 10 social skills developed in children thanks to babywearing.

5 tips for traveling with baby using Gustine products
Traveling with a baby can sometimes seem like a big challenge, but with the right products, the adventure becomes much more enjoyable and stress-free.
9 Quebec gift ideas for the whole family!
Christmas is fast approaching and the gift frenzy is becoming more and more evident. Gustine Baby has put together a selection of innovative and warm products that will delight everyone, young or old. Discover gift ideas for new moms, new parents and children ages 0 to 6.
1 coat 3 ways: an essential for future and new mothers
Winter is fast approaching, bringing with it the need to stay warm while continuing to enjoy outdoor activities with the family. For pregnant women and new mothers, finding a winter coat that combines warmth, comfort and style can sometimes be a challenge. Discover Gustine’s 3 in 1 coat!
5 advantages of having a 3 in 1 Poncho Cover for your child this winter
Winter is often synonymous with snow, freezing cold, and constant worry for parents. Dressing little ones to face the elements can be a big challenge, but there is a precious ally to make your life easier during the cold season: the 3 in 1 Poncho Cover from Gustine Baby.
7 Quebec favorites for eco-friendly babies from Peakbwa
Our friend Jacinthe Plamondon, founder of the Quebec company PEAKBWA and happy mother, now has 4 children!She shows us the list of her favorites and the essentials for eco-friendly babies. Great happiness, we are part of it. Don't hesitate to...
The benefits of carrying.
For many parents, babywearing is above all a practical tool to free their hands. This is, in fact, a significant advantage of portage. But carrying your child using a baby carrier has many other benefits and advantages.........
When to make the jump from baby to toddler size?

When and why should you change the baby carrier? An illustration and photos help you answer this question that is so common among parents.

The Evolution baby carrier has had a makeover
Our Gustine Evolution baby carrier has had a makeover and is better than ever. Illustrations show you the 3 ways to carry baby.
Overview of Gustine Evolution
Our Gustine Evolution baby carrier is now 2 years old, and for a while now, it has had a makeover. Let us present to you, in all its splendor, our Evolution 2.0.
5 postnatal yoga postures to discover!
The arrival of a newborn is an opportunity to combine two joys: carrying and yoga. Thanks to the 5 postures proposed, you will be able to combine these two activities.
Carrying, essential for summer outings!

Ready for a hike in the forest or on a trail? Ready for fitness and cardio? We offer you exercises to do with a baby carrier.

Hand woven, a story of the heart!

Our heart story with Weaverbirds, manufacturer of hand-woven scarves and promoter of sustainable development. An inspiration for our baby carrier designers!

5 tips to get your lover to use a baby carrier
Using a baby carrier brings happiness! Your lover hasn't yet used it often enough to fully realize it! Here are 6 tips for getting your sweetheart to use the baby carrier.
Should you wash your Gustine before first use?
The baby carrier is subject to the onslaught of regurgitation, overflowing diapers and a host of other dirt . Let's see how to fix all this!
Linen: the elegant wrinkle!

Our linen baby carriers are perfect for hot summer outings. Linen is a natural fiber known for its freshness, durability and comfort.

Should I choose a linen or cotton baby carrier?
  What are the advantages of a 100% cotton Gustine baby carrier and those of a linen Gustine baby carrier? Each has its advantages. We invite you to discover the advantages of each. Since the release of the “Linen” collection,...
Preschool size: make cuddles last while carrying!

Discover the Gustine Preschool baby carriers designed for carrying our older children aged 3.5 to 5 years. So that the hikes end in style!

5 reasons to use sling protectors with your baby carrier
If there is one important accessory when buying a baby carrier, it is the strap protectors! Discover 5 good reasons to use shoulder strap protectors.
A ring sling to give back to the community
  At Gustine, family is an essential value. We have therefore decided in the coming months to get involved with different organizations in the field of children and families. 👶👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Having visited some of these establishments or organizations several times,...
The Lighthouse Children and Families: respite and support

With the purchase of a selected Ring Sling, Gustine porte-bébés will make a donation of $40 for various foundations or organizations . Do you know of a deserving organization?