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Our fabrics are pre-washed, but the process of manufacturing a Gustine baby carrier following cutting, assembly and sewing is not completed until the fiber has swelled to occupy the space provided. To put it bluntly, not washing a Gustine before its first use leaves empty spaces between the stitches, which weakens the weave and also increases the risk of the fibers moving (“thread shifting”).

- You MUST wash your Gustine baby carrier before first use.

- It is not recommended to maintain your Gustine baby carrier in the washing machine.

- Hand wash in cold water with mild soap, without perfume or bleach. Baby soaps are not recommended.


- Do not tumble dry.

- Use pressure to remove as much water as possible.

- Spread and let dry completely.

- Avoid the sun and direct heat sources.

- Choose a well-ventilated place to speed up drying.

- Do not use the baby carrier if it is not completely dry.


- Do not iron our products.


The same baby carrier care tips apply to our wraps and Ring Sling as well as all our other products.
However, it is possible to wash the scarves and Ring Sling in the washing machine.
For optimal efficiency and good protection of the textile, we recommend washing as follows:
- Gentle cycle
- In cold water
- With a mild soap without optical brightener
- Dry flat
- For the Ring Sling, we suggest you put a stocking on the rings, in order to protect the drum of your machine and minimize noise.


- To avoid

Of course! We recommend machine washing, in cold water, on a delicate cycle and ideally in a washing bag. A mild soap (without optical brightener (whitening agent) and without softener. Do not use powder soap, use powder soap.

All orders are processed in 2 stages. We make almost all products as they are ordered to avoid excess inventory.

Tailoring times

About 3-5 business days. Delivery times may vary depending on demand and public holidays.

Delivery delay

Once the preparation is complete, the orders are handed over to our carrier who will ensure delivery. Delivery times vary by country, region and city. 

All information regarding delivery times can be found here.

**Baby carriers in the Preschool size are made to order only. Production times are longer, around 2 weeks.

The majority of our shipments are done by Purolator.

In the case of deliveries to more remote areas, we may use Canada Post as the carrier. When finalizing the order, the choice of carrier can be made in the “Delivery” section.

Your satisfaction and the safety of your children are priorities for Gustine.

We always guarantee you courteous and pleasant service. Personalized advice for your situation in accordance with the recommendations in place in the portage sector and according to our values.

We also offer a repair service. If your product has a break in the fabric, a seam or other, which could compromise the safety of your product, never hesitate to write to us. We will analyze the situation with you. 

Fees may apply depending on condition, breakage or time elapsed since the date of purchase.

Product specifications

MK slings and MK-BABYs have a minimum weight of 8 lbs and a maximum weight of 25 lbs.

The Water Ring Sling also has a minimum weight of 8 lbs and a maximum weight of 25 lbs.

The clips are designed to facilitate adjustment when carrying a newborn on the front, when the baby weighs between 8 and 15 lb (3.68kg to 6.80 kg).

It is recommended to stop their use when the adjustment of the seat of the baby carrier causes the fabric on the belt to begin to cover them.

Product sizes

The Gustine Evolution is safe as soon as baby reaches the weight of 8 lb (3.68 kg).

You must also consider the child's natural distance, the height of the apron and the fit. general of the baby carrier to the body shape of your child.

The stated weight is a general indication. For the safety of the child, it is essential to consider all these parameters.

In fact, we must change when the babysize apron is no longer safe.

As long as the apron rides high in the back (see photo) AND the wearer and wearer are comfortable, there is no emergency.

When the child begins to be less comfortable because of the height of the apron or the width of the seat, a change may be considered.

In general, the Toddler is optimal around 2 years old, around 32 inches (81-82 cm) in height and around 25 lbs (11.34 kg).


Despite all these clues, it is strongly recommended to test a Gustine Toddler to validate that the adjustment and installation are safe, and that the apron has the right height. 

The Preschool is intended for older children, with a minimum weight of 30 lbs (and a maximum of 65 lbs) (13.61 kg to 27.21 kg) It is perfect for preschoolers (hence its name), who still like to be carried and want to rest their legs, from time to time. ;)

The Preschool is large enough for good weight distribution and optimal comfort with children aged 4 and over.

It generally fits around 38 inches (96-97 cm), and a minimum weight of 30 lbs (13.61 kg). 

To get started with a scarf, we strongly suggest starting with your base size.

What is this, the “base” size?

This is the size of wrap with which you will be able to do a cross wrap (FWCC) comfortably. Finished with a double knot at the back, without being in the points to tie the knot, nor without too much leftover fabric.

A person who wears XS/S will generally have a base 5.

A person who wears medium or large will often have a base 6.

A person who wears L-XL will rather have a base 7.

When in doubt, if you are hesitating between 2 sizes, choosing the larger one is a good option.

Otherwise, longer or shorter, it will only be your tying options that will change!


A size 4 measures 3.7 m

A size 5 measures 4.2 m

A size 6 measures 4.6 m

A size 7 measures 5.2 m



In the portage community we say ''STIH'' (soft tape in hand).

So we measure a scarf from tip to tip, on one side only, using a soft sewing tape in the air. Be careful to follow the edge to get a good measurement.

All products in the Maman Kangourou range are offered in one size (XS-XXL). They are made from a stretchy fabric which allows them to fit several body types.

Carrying positions

Our preformed baby carriers are used for front-facing, hip or back carrying.

It is not possible to carry “facing towards the world” with our carriers. babies. For curious little ones, we suggest opting for a hip carry.

Hip carrying is recommended from 4 to 6 months, when the child has developed good tone in the trunk and neck. The baby must be able to turn onto his stomach and back and sit up without assistance.

It is also necessary to ensure that the carrier's hip does not force the baby's natural spread. .

No, unfortunately none of the Maman Kangourou baby carriers allow safe back carrying.

Maman Kangourou's stretchy wrap is worn belly to stomach, baby facing the wearer, as well as on the hip.

The MK-BABY is worn belly-to-belly in its standard use. It can also be worn as a Ring Sling on the hip and off-center.

The Water Ring Sling can be worn off-center with a very small baby or on the hip with a larger child.

You will find under each product on our website, different videos to help you install the product. Choose the product that interests you and click on the “Tutorials” tab.

No. To do this, you would need to have 2 different baby carriers.