Le porte-bébé en taille Preschool pour faire durer les câlins !

Preschool size: make cuddles last while carrying!

– I’m thinking of having a scarf converted into a Gustine Preschool…”
– Whattttt… Are you still carrying your child?!

A fairly common reaction when our children become “big kids” with many unfounded prejudices about “arm babies”. Honestly, I consider it a real chance to be able to carry my daughter at 4 years old. Both for me and for the happiness that she still wants it! 💕✨

What is a “preschool” baby carrier?

The preschool size is designed for carrying your older children aged 4 or 5 years. Well, no hiding, given the weight of your children at this age, the pre school is often used for occasional or short-term carrying such as returning from hikes! ⛰ 🌳

Here, in the summer we do a lot of hiking – our daughter is a champion of the climb, but the descent… ouffff is less easy and the motivation often goes down as much as the trail! 😂 So, get the big one in the back so you can end the day with a smile! 🙋 Same scenario during big events, festivals, trips, long walks, or just for the pleasure of bonding a little... our Gustine Preschool is a great investment.

For now, the preschool size is only available as a Gustine scarf conversion. If, however, you wish to purchase one with one of our woven fabrics, it will be possible to do so from August 3, and with a delivery time of 3 weeks.

Gustine offers several products and this is just the beginning – we hope to develop more in the next year!

Characteristics of other sizes:

  • Evolution: We recommend this model when you have a new baby. It is designed to carry from 8lbs to 45lbs. We love it because it adjusts to the seat level and the height of the apron to fit your baby well and ensure maximum comfort for the wearer. In comparison with the babysize, here it is the wearer who will have to adjust the seat to make it a “pocket” for baby according to his size over the months.
  • Toddler: the model is designed to carry your young children aged around 2 years and over and from 25lbs to 55lbs. How do you know if your child is ready for toddlerhood? Usually this is when he wears a pants size 2t and above. Like our babysize size is still a fairly large pattern, it can be used for a while but for the comfort of the child and the parent, the toddler will really make the difference, particularly during long hikes or long-term carrying.

Photo Sandra Tremblay


Summer is in full swing and please note our team will make the last shipments on July 19th. If you want your baby carrier in time for your vacation, now is a good time to order it online! The workshop will be closed until August 7. We wish you a happy vacation!

Happy carrying and have a good summer!!!

Marie and Natalia

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