Le porte-bébé est un must pour votre cardio et vos sorties d'été

Carrying, essential for summer outings!

Marie-Ève ​​Huet was well accompanied during her hike to the top of the magnificent GéoParc de Percé.

The summer season is upon us and who says summer, says going out!

If there is a time in the year when my Gustine is so essential to me that I go home to get him, it’s when we’re planning family outings! No, but for real, attending a festival with a stroller is almost a feat when there is a good crowd!

Here, we like to go out often, but large crowds scare me a little with my child. For my part, holding my daughter's hand... it lasts 5 minutes, rarely more! Obviously I let her run, walk and discover without necessarily always holding her at my fingertips!

But sooner or later the quieter time of the day comes, you know that famous 20 minutes of waiting before the show, the parade or boarding the boat! The ideal time for a few quieter minutes together, without doing the weathervane kisses as a bonus!

Even when the action begins, it can be fascinating for a child to see “from the same height as adults”. See the site, the landscape, the scene, a whole attraction like the adults! 


Ready for a hike in the forest on the beach or on a trail? Mini feet don't work quickly but above all... that's three times more steps than an adult for the same distance. The classic: going out walking, and returning on Mom/Dad's shoulders. ? Thank you Gustine!

Some of you may have already worn a hiking baby carrier made of an aluminum frame? It's effective when the baby is sitting in it, but rather bulky and heavy for nothing when the child is walking next to you. Especially since this type of baby carrier is not very practical and effective for short hikes.


Audrey Marchand and her little family really enjoyed their Gustine during their recent trip to the Magdalen Islands. Hours walking on the beach… we’re a little jealous!



How many times have I heard mothers tell me how much their Gustine had “saved their vacation”. On vacation, children discover new environments, so it is normal for them to be curious and sometimes become gazelles! For parents, it’s often the discovery of our level of patience and our slightly rusty cadio that resurfaces!

When carrying, even a place or facilities, at first glance not very conducive to stopping for a few minutes, can, with a baby carrier, become a beautiful moment of cuddles. A little break for a few minutes to enjoy the scenery, relax… or catch your breath! 😉

Patience…summer is coming!

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