Découvrez notre histoire de cœur avec le porte-bébé tissé main

Hand woven, a story of the heart!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a girl who loves handwoven scarves.

I have a love for this art, which requires so much time, patience and attention to detail. Each project is unique and filled with dodos dust. Sometimes in the shadows, Quebec has several weavers. We also did a special project with one of them which I will tell you about in the coming days! ?

Let's get back to business, here, I'm talking to you about a great long-term collaboration (if the project goes well) with a team that really excites me and which has a philosophy of sustainable development.

Weaverbirds is a small social enterprise based in Uganda and Denmark. The owner, Liv, is originally from Denmark, but lived in Uganda for many years. We met via social networks and we talked for long hours.

Liv had worked in sustainable development for a decade, she wanted to do something different, something that would have a more immediate impact on the socio-economic and environmental development of her locality. These two ideas quickly merged and saw the birth of his company Weaverbirds.

Weaverbirds' main goal is to be as sustainable as possible throughout the production chain. They only source from local cotton production initiatives certified CmiA (Sustainable by the Cotton made in Africa). This means that cotton is grown by small farmers working in GOOD conditions and receiving a fair price for their products.

The cotton plants are non-GMO, non-irrigated and harvested by hand without any use of chemical defoliants. Weavers and dyers are hired under good conditions and are not exposed to harmful chemicals. Their weavers receive a fair wage and are guaranteed constant employment. So they always know that they have a full salary at the end of the month. They also minimize waste throughout the design and cutting phase, as well as by using the scraps they have left for other alternative products.

Weaverbirds' mission is to make hand-woven and hand-dyed baby scarves while respecting workers' rights and our planet.

It’s an understatement to say… that since December 2017 we have been talking to each other and looking at the possibilities. In June, we received the first woven fabrics and I was already in love. ? Converting these wonders into Gustine is a great accomplishment for both our team and Ugandan families.

We hope you will like our little collection – 2 units of each design/colors!

A unique project for unique Gustine!

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