Tour d’horizon du Gustine Évolution

Overview of Gustine Evolution

Our Gustine ANDevolution is now 2 years old, And for a while, they are refhave beauty. Let us present to you, in all its splendor, our Evolution 2.0.

The Gustine Evolution has been developed For offer you worryport opportunityis sooner your baby and adapt to him as he grows. So it isThe ideal baby carrier for families with children of different ages.



Designed with the same quality materials as other Gustine baby carriers, in woven jacquard, made from our soft cotton or our wonderful linen, it adapts perfectly to the shape of your baby, from 8 to 45 lbs.

Unlike many adjustable baby carriers available on the market, the seat of the Gustine Evolution is completely adjustablethe to the width and the desired height. An essential characteristic which allows to respect your child's body shape. A removable cap is also included.

Because we listen to your needs and constantly improvement, our Gustine ANDvolution now has 2 small loops at the waist to come there attach your straps, in infant carrying! (WOW) 

So let’s talk about this addition that makes our Evolution an Evolution 2.0!

And for that, what could be better than answering the questions you frequently ask us!


“When do we use the buckles on the belt?” 

In the “Newborn” position, so as soon as baby reaches a weight of 8 lbs and until he weighs a maximum of 15 lbs. LBelt clips are useful when the belt needs to be positioned higher than the hips to allow for optimal kissing height. You should stop using them when the adjustment of the seat causes the fabric to cover them, even partially.


“That’s good, but how do we use them? '' 

It may seem laborious and you may feel like the apron fabric is loose at the sides. If this is the case, it is because you have forgotten a small manipulation: under the shoulder strap buckle located on the apron, there is a small space to slide the shoulder strap into, before attaching it to the belt. This allows you to close the sides of your apron, and guide the strap so that it is as straight as possible during your adjustment.  


“And what is this addition for?” 

This addition reduces the pressure of the straps under the wearer's armpits, when adjusting the Gustine to carry an infant, since the belt must be adjusted higher than the natural waist. It also reduces the pressure on baby's little back, which can occur when the straps are too tight. Thus, it is easier to obtain a physiological position for baby: therefore round back, pelvis well tilted and knees higher than the buttocks. This addition is wonderful!


“Wow, but that all looks fantastic.”

It is, but we are not objective at all! We simply LOVE the Gustine evolution!

If you have any questions or need assistance with your fit, please feel free to contact us by email at or directly by private messaging from our Facebook page.

Also note that given the flexibility that the apron must have, the Evolution models do not have a front pocket unlike the classic models.

The model ANDevolution is available in ALL our patterns and colors.

Happy carrying!!


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