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Baby's weight
    Evolution 8 - 35 lbs
      Baby size 15 - 45 lbs
        Toddler size 25 - 45 lbs
          8 to 35 lbs


            15 to 25 lbs X
                25 to 35 lbs X
                      35 to 45 lbs X

                        * These data are taken before washing. There may be a variation of 1 cm when washing.

                        Size Evolution (adjustable)

                        Seat width: Adjustable from 5 to 16 inches Apron height: Adjustable from 11 to 19 inches Belt width: 13 cm Maximum belt length: 145 cm Recommended weight:  from 8 to 35 lbs Notes: The Gustine Evolution is a completely adjustable baby carrier. It allows you to change the height and width according to your baby's development without having to use a booster seat. Also, we recommend that your baby has a natural leg spacing that suits the baby carrier. It is also important that the top of the apron matches the height of the baby's neck.

                        Baby size - Baby size

                        Seat width: 14 inches Apron height: 15 inches Belt width: 13 cm Maximum belt length: 145 cm Recommended weights: from 15 to 45 lbs Notes: Baby size is recommended for babies 15 lbs and over. The child must also have a natural leg spacing that is suitable for the baby carrier and a size that will allow the child to have the top of the apron at the height of his neck.

                        Taille bambin - Toddler size

                        Seat width: 17 inches Apron height: 18 inch Belt width: 13 cm Maximum belt length: 145 cm Recommended weights: from 25 lbs to 45 lbs Notes: The young child size is designed for children with a minimum weight of 25 lbs and who have reached a size that will allow them to have the top of the apron at neck height. In general, the Young Child size is suitable for children aged 2 years with a minimum pant size of 2T.

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                        DELIVERY DELAY

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                        • standard delivery
                        • Express delivery
                        • 2 working days
                        • X
                        • 7 working days
                        • X


                        Gustine baby carriers undertakes to begin the delivery process within 3 working days following your order. The days below will not be considered business days. Delivery times may then vary depending on your place of residence. Christmas - December 25 New Year - January 1 Easter Monday - April 2 St-Jean-Baptiste - June 24 Canada Day - July 1 Labor Day - May 1 Thanksgiving - October 8

                        DELIVERY RATES

                        Baby carrier
                            Quebec Free
                              $ 10 cad
                                Canada $ 10 cad
                                  $ 10 cad


                                    [divider align="center" width="25%" height="0px" margin="1.5em"] Our weaver does a pre-wash, but the Gustine manufacturing process following cutting, assembly and sewing does not It is not completed until the fiber has swelled to occupy the space provided. Simply put, not washing a Gustine before its first use leaves empty spaces between the stitches, which weakens the weave and also increases the risk of the fibers moving ("thread shifting").
                                    • You MUST therefore wash your Gustine before first use.
                                    • It is not recommended to maintain your Gustine baby carrier in the washing machine.
                                    • Hand wash in cold water with mild soap.


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                                    • Do not tumble dry.
                                    • Use pressure to remove as much water as possible.
                                    • Spread and dry completely
                                    • Avoid the sun and direct heat sources
                                    • Choose a well-ventilated area to speed up drying.
                                    • Prevent the straps from remaining wet for too long


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                                    • Do not iron our products.

                                    FABRIC COMPOSITION

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                                    • Gustine baby carriers are all made of 100% cotton Jacquard woven.
                                    • The textiles and shoulder pads are Oeko-Tex class 1 certified according to the highest standards of non-toxicity of materials.
                                    • However, certain models from exclusive collections may contain compositions other than cotton, such as linen and hemp.
                                    • In all cases, the materials used are always of natural origin.
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                                    REGISTER YOUR TASTE

                                    [divider align="center" width="70%" height="0px" margin="1.5em"] Registering your product allows us to keep track of Gustine baby carriers. We can also give you tips or recommendations for using it! [button text="REGISTER" size="small" link="" class="center-button"] [/tab] [tab title="Defect "]

                                    REFUND POLICY

                                    [divider align="center" width="25%" height="0px" margin="1.5em"] Refund is only possible if the product received is in defective condition at the time of receipt or if we have sent it to you a product that does not correspond to your order. In order to facilitate the procedures for returning the goods, you can send us photographs of the defective product in your complaint. Please note that all of our products are carefully inspected during their packaging to ensure that they are free from breakage or defects in their manufacturing. We will process the analysis of refund requests related to the defect of a product in light of the information mentioned in this paragraph. [divider align="center" width="25%" height="0px" margin= "1.5em"]

                                    MERCHANDISE RETURN

                                    There is no possibility of returning merchandise unless an error has been made by Gustine baby carriers concerning the sending of an incorrect item or if you receive a product which has a defect. In such a case of error, Gustine baby carriers undertakes to cover the delivery costs and, upon receipt, to return the correct product to you. The return of merchandise will be made provided that the returned item is in its original condition. Never take the initiative to return a product to us before having first contacted us. Gustine baby carriers will take care of picking up the package from your work or home. [/tab] [/tabgroup]