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Gustine Laundry Soap

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Gustine created her own laundry soap in collaboration with Planette!!!

For years we have recommended different soaps for washing baby carriers and all our other products. Today we now have our own ecological and 100% natural soap. 

The perfect soap for baby carriers, delicate fabrics, cloth diapers and more!

This soap can be used to wash all our products without exception. 

We chose the lavender as a fragrance for its many pproperties; soothing, deodorant, moth repellent, lice repellent and antiseptic. 

MANUAL : Shake the container before each use. Pour 40 ml of soap into a bath previously filled with enough cold water to cover your baby carrier or other clothing.

CAUTION : This product may shift over time. This in no way affects its effectiveness. Simply shake the container vigorously to obtain a homogeneous mixture. In case of a stubborn stain, rub the stain directly with a block of wet Marseille soap, then wash the garment as normal. / CAUTION: This product may phase shift with time. This does not affect its effectiveness. Simply shake vigorously the container to obtain a homogeneous mixture. For stubborn stains, rub the stains directly with a darn Marseille soap bar, then wash the garment as usual. 

INGREDIENTS : Water, Marseille soap 72% olive oil (No added glycerin), essential oils, Polysorbate-80 (<1%). / INGREDIENTS: Water, Marseille soap 72% olive oil (no added glucerin), essential oils, polysorbate-80 (<1%).


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